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This was all he had to say at his mother's passing. In addition, the relationship between Marx and his wife was demonstrably poor. She abandoned him twice but returned each time. When she died, he did not even attend her funeral.


Always in need of funds, Marx lost much money at the stock exchange, where he, the great economist, knew only how to lose.


Marx was an intellectual of high caliber, as was Engels. But their correspondence is full of obscenities, unusual for their class of society. Foul language abounds, and there is not one letter in which one hears an idealist speaking about his humanist or Socialist dream.



“谁在追求野蛮的目标?一个来自 Trier(马克思的出生地)的黑暗之人,一个显著的怪物。他不行,亦不走;他用脚后跟,伴着肆虐的狂怒跳起,似乎想抓住广阔的天幕,再把它扔到地上。他在空中长伸双臂,握紧邪恶的拳头;他的狂怒从不平息,就像有一万个魔鬼通过他的毛发捉住了他。”

Engels had been brought up in a pietistic family. In fact, in his youth he had composed beautiful Christian poems. After meeting Marx, he wrote about him:

"Who is chasing wild endeavour? A black man from Trier [Marx's birthplace], a remarkable monster. He does not walk or run, he jumps on his heels and rages full of anger as if he would like to catch the wide tent of the sky and throw it to the earth. He stretches his arms far away in the air; the wicked fist is clenched, he rages without ceasing, as if ten thousand devils had caught him by the hair."

恩格斯读了一名“自由神学家” Bruno Bauer 的书后,开始怀疑基督教。

Engels had begun to doubt the Christian faith after reading a book written by a liberal theologian, Bruno Bauer.


Engels never found his way back to the Word of God, joining instead the one whom he himself had called "the monster possessed by ten thousand devils." He had experienced a counter-conversion.

Bruno Bauer 这个“自由神学家”,这个对摧毁恩格斯的基督教信仰起了重要作用,并支持了马克思的反基督之路的人,是什么人呢?

What kind of person was Bruno Bauer, the liberal theologian who played a decisive role in the destruction of Engels's Christian faith and who endorsed Marx in his new anti-Christian ways?

像恩格斯一样,Bruno Bauer 起初是个虔信者,后来还成了保守的神学家,对批评《圣经》的言论进行反击。之后,他转而激烈批评《圣经》,并成了唯物主义基督教的创始人。他的教义坚称耶稣是凡人,而不是神的儿子。1841年12月6日,Bauer 给他的朋友 Arnold Ruge(也是马克思和恩格斯的朋友)写信道:


Like Engels himself, he started life as a believer and later as a conservative theologian, even writing against critics of the Bible. Afterward he himself became a radical critic of the Holy Scriptures and creator of a materialistic Christianity which insisted that Jesus was only human, not the Son of God. Bauer wrote to his friend Arnold Ruge, also a friend of Marx and Engels, on December 6, 1841:

I deliver lectures here at the university before a large audi-ence. I don't recognize myself when I pronounce my blasphe-mies from the pulpit. They are so great that these children, whom nobody should offend, have their hair standing on end. While delivering the blasphemies, I remember how I work piously at home writing an apology of the holy Scrip-tures and of the Revelation. In any case, it is a very bad demon that possesses me as often as I ascend the pulpit, and I am so weak that I am compelled to yield to him.... My spirit of blasphemy will be satisfied only if I am authorized to preach openly as professor of the atheistic system.

将他转化为共产主义者的,正是那个转化了马克思的人:Moses Hess。Hess 在 Cologne 城遇见恩格斯后,写道:


制造大破坏 -- 这就是 Hess 一生的最高目标吗?这同样是路斯弗的目标。

The man who convinced him to become a Communist was the same Moses Hess who had previously convinced Marx. Hess wrote, after meeting Engels in Cologne,

"He parted from me as an overzealous Communist. This is how I produce ravages..."

To produce ravages-was this Hess's supreme purpose in life? It is Lucifer's, too.

恩格斯对撒殚的危害十分清楚。在《基督哲学家 Schelling》一书中,恩格斯写道:

“可怕的法国革命之后,一个全新的邪灵进入了一大群人;无神论以无耻、精致的方式,嚣张地抬头,让你觉得《圣经》的预言已经实现。让我们看看《圣经》如何描述末世的无神论景象吧。《新约·马太福音》中,耶稣说:“许多伪先知将涌现,迷惑众人。因为不法之事增多,许多人的爱心渐渐冷淡了,但坚忍到底的,必将得救。这天国的福音,要传遍天下,对万民作见证,然后末日才来到。”(24:11-13)......而圣保罗则在《新约·帖撒罗尼迦后书》中说:“那大罪人,沉沦之子,将会显现。他反对主,高抬自己,超过一切称为神的,和一切受人敬拜的(2:3-4)......他跟随撒殚之功而来,带着所有力量、标记、谎称的奇迹,在众人身上行一切不义的诡诈,使他们毁灭 --- 因为他们不接受拯救他们的真理之爱。因此,他们自心将产生强烈的错觉,使他们相信谎言;于是一切不信真理,却喜爱不义的人,都被定罪。”(2:9-12)

Engels was very well aware of the danger of Satanism. In his book Schelling, Philosopher in Christ, Engels wrote:

Since the terrible French Revolution, an entirely new, devilish spirit has entered into a great part of mankind, and godlessness lifts its daring head in such an unashamed and subtle manner that you would think the prophecies of Scripture are fulfilled now Let us see first what the Scriptures say about the godlessness of the last times. The Lord Jesus says in Matthew 24:11-13: "Many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." ......And St. Paul says, in II Thessalonians 2:3ff.: "That man of sin shall be revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is God, or that is worshipped.... [The coming of the Wicked] is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: that they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness."


Engels quotes Scripture after Scripture, just as the most Bible-believing theologian would do.


“这种对主的漠视和冷淡,跟我们没多大关系。不,它是公开宣言的敌意,现在,在所有宗派、团体当中,我们只有两个阵营:基督和敌基督....我们看到了众人中的 伪先知......他们走遍德国,企图侵入所有地方;从一个城镇到另一个城镇,他们背负着魔鬼之旗,在市集传授撒殚的教义,诱骗可怜的青年,目的是将人们投入无底地狱的最深处。”

He continues:

"We have nothing to do any more with indifference or cold-ness toward the Lord. No, it is an open, declared enmity, and in the place of all sects and parties we have now only two: Christians and anti-Christians.... We see the false prophets among us.... They travel throughout Germany and wish to intrude everywhere; they teach their Satanic teachings in the market-places and bear the flag of the Devil from one town to another, seducing the poor youth, in order to throw them in the deepest abyss of hell and death."

这个写出如此诗篇、让人们警惕撒殚的人;这个意识到危难、流泪祈祷的人;这个认为马克思被万魔附体的人,竟变成了马克思最亲密的合作者,共同为魔鬼而战,以实现 “共产主义要消灭永恒的真理,消灭所有宗教和所有伦理道德.....”(摘自《共产主义宣言》第二节)

The man who wrote such poems and such warnings against Satanism, the man who prayed with tears to beware of this danger, the man who recognized Marx as being possessed with a thousand devils, became Marx's closest collaborator in the devilish fight, "for Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality...."


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